Welcome to Pushpam Fabrics

Pushpam Fabrics is located at Erode City of King of Textile, Since 1985. Firm successfully run  by Mr. P.Balasubramanian, under the guidance of their father, brothers have followed the vision and mission of the firm and with their innovative thoughts they have modernized the entire process of their business.   From then on we deliver the products that always exceeds the quality and expectations offered by other leading textile fields.

 Most of the staff and sales team have enjoyed working for our Company and in the textile industry for all of their working lives so we can therefore speak with authority when customers need advice on sourcing and technical details of any textile fabric. Pushpam Fabrics  has many hundreds of satisfied customers at all over India.

Specializing in the production of textiles such as:   Shirts, Cotton Dhotis, Petticoats and Gray Gada Fabrics etc.etc

They launched their own brand "Imayan" Shirts and "Rekha" Petticoats  into the market.  With more than 300 clients and products supplied all over India . We always keep good quality and affordable price in our mind and always deliver the products to the tradition of people.



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